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Tips & Tricks
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Keep your money safe

Make arrangements to store your excess cash, travellers cheques, passport and other valuables in the safe in your accommodation.

Do not carry all your money together. If travellingas a couple or in a group split the money between you. Keep excess cash, travellers cheques, credit cards in a discreet money belt inside your clothing.

Make a note of the serial numbers and denominations of all your travellers cheques. Kepp this list and your emergency refund telephone numbers safely away from your travellers cheques.

Never keep your travellers cheques and passport together.

Don't countersign any of your travellers cheques until you are cashing them, and then only in the presence of the cashier. Don't cash more than necessary.

Out & about

Use a handbag or shoulder bag that can be held securely. Mind your bag when in crowded streets, shops or when having a mealor drink.

be careful when withdrawing money from cash machines.

Don't carry more money with you than you intend to spend.

It is not a legal requirement to carry your passport or ID card in Ireland.

Don't wear expensive jewellery or leave belongings exposed.

Look confident.

Keep to populated areas. Avoid desserted streets at night.

If you are heading to a remote area for walking or cyclin, inform someone where you are going.

Do not pitch tents or camp in open spaces, unapporved sites, and public areas - camp only on approved sites.

Car Safety

When visiting the city centre area, park your car in one of the controlled car parks and retain the parking ticket on your person.

Always lock your car securely when leaving it unnattended even for brief periods.

When checking into your accommodation, ask the receptionist about secure car parking.

Do not leave luggage or valuables exposed inside a parked car or luggage attached to a roof rack.

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